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The Team

Co-Founders of TradBites


Jason Cheng

Jason Cheng is a passionate and hardworking member of the team. He helps with the operations and logistics of TradBites. Jason also advocates for climate change and civil rights. 


Rachael Ding

Rachael is an enjoyer of life and currently pursuing her interests in art, food, and business. She spends her free time trying to complete her huge pile of unfinished art projects or seeking out niche restaurants to try. Tradbites occupies the rest as she and the team pioneers the homechef industry. 


Xing Gao

Being a co-founder of TradBites, having previous experiences with leading a group definitely possessed her ability. She believes hard workers who are determined will make the world a better place.


Spencer He

Spencer He is passionate in business and technology areas and is a co-founder of TradBites. Outside of business, he enjoys playing badminton and is an AI enthusiast. 

Arnav Formal Pic.png

Arnav Mishra

Arnav is an eternal optimist, a driven entrepreneur, and a curious innovator. As someone who loves rhythms (he’s a guitarist, songwriter, and composer) and algorithms (he’s passionate about data science), he believes in using both his right and left brains to take on the challenges he sees around him. In his spare time, he can be found sampling his grandma’s traditional Indian recipes and imploring her to open a restaurant!

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