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Food Preparation
Vegetables in Paper Bags

About Us

We aim to provide specialty, homemade food from community homechefs while ensuring a quality experience

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Traditional Cuisines

We offer speciality dishes that cannot be found in restaurants. An example is fruit sushi - sweet sushi rice topped with fresh fruit like mango, kiwi & strawberry and rolled in a fruit roll up.

Luxurious Experience 

All of our cooks are permitted to sell food by the government, ensuring safety and homemade quality. A customer has stated - Nothing beats having a warm and loving meal cooked in the comfort of home. Food prepared at home is often likened to mom’s cooking – fresh, hot and tasty.

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Meet Our Homechefs

Asian Man

Peter Chan

Hi! I'm Peter Chan. I've lived in China for most of my life before moving to Cal. I love cooking food from my hometown here.

Headshot of Mid Adult Man

Rajesh Agarwal

Hey, I’m Rajesh! I grew up in the suburbs of Mumbai and grew up with the aroma of Indian cuisine. Now, I live in California and absolutely love preparing homely dishes for my community.

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